Saturday, February 20, 2010

Creating Journal Pages

My daughter and I have been working on our Creative Entrepreneur journals.  I wanted to post some photo's of what we have been up to.  This is my daughter Madison's cover for her journal.

She has been an inspiration to me, working hard on not only the artwork, but all types of great ideas about her dreams and wishes.  Believe it or not she is only 7 years old!  She is going to do some amazing things in her life, I can just tell.  She is very creative and motivated, but even more important she has the courage to be who she is and go after what she wants in life.

Here is the front cover of my journal:

We have been working with the book that I talked about in my Dec 30th blog, The Creative Entrepreneur.  There are exercises to do that help you to evaluate your business and develop new ideas.  Here is a glimpse into a few pages from my journal with questions and some ideas that I've been thinking of.

I think the greatest thing about Lisa's book is that she suggests that you not only think about creative ideas, but that you make your journal itself a work of art.  It's really been fun and enlightening to think creative and to play with creative ideas of how to express my thoughts.  I highly recommend her book.  Check out here website.  The Creative Entrepreneur

I am still working on the silver jewelry pieces that I started last week.  I have been photographing the process and will publish photos next week.  Thanks for checking in!  Have a wonderful day.



Allison said...

Really great motivation! Cheers to profiting while doing what we love!
Maddie's journal is inspired...

Renze said...

So cool. You inspired me to create a cover for my class notebook (it's a three-ring binder). Not nearly as artistic as yours and Maddie's, but much better than a plain old binder!

stacie said...

Thanks for your comments and feedback guys! Renee, post your binder cover when you're done.