Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Artist Trading Cards...Bird Time!

I have to say I am having fun playing with Artist Trading Cards (ATCs).  If you aren't familiar with them check out this website that I joined called ATCs For All.

The always have open ATC swaps to join.  The basic concept is to create ATCs and trade with other artists.  I find that it really opens my mind to new ideas.

The swap that I just finished was called "Bird is the Word".  Here are my cards that I sent in.

The next swap that I joined is called "Rapunzel".  Check out her Rapunzel Swap. Should be fun!  The other part that I enjoy about the ATCs For All site is that the artist's are from all other the world.  The artist hosting the Rapunzel swap is from New Zealand.  It makes it more fun to know that your art can end up a world wide traveler! 

Working on jewelry today.  I have been adding new pieces daily to my etsy site, check it out!  Thanks for stopping by!


winterchild said...

I *LOVE* your birds...and thanks for mentioning the swap :)

stacie said...

No problem! Can't wait to get started looking for ideas.