Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Time For Giving Back

Madi and I worked on a project together for the holidays. I knitted 6 scarves for a small group of homeless people that my yoga class has kind of adopted. Madi did a wonderful job decorating gift bags to put the scarves in. I dropped them off with my yoga instructor this morning that is gracious enough to deliver them for us. It feels good to know that we can make a small difference in someone's life. Hope you find your own way of doing something extra for someone during this holiday season. If you would like to share, please do in the comments.

"Being nice is a joy to others and to you." by Madi


Renee from Where the Grass is Greener said...

That's so nice. Awesome job on the gift bags Madi!!!

stacie said...

Thanks Renee. She is proud of them.