Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beach Nugget Necklace

A few weeks ago two good friends and I had the pleasure of spending time at the beach. It was cool, in the 50's, but still good weather to sit on the beach wrapped in blankets reading. Not only was it wonderful to just sit and talk with good friends, it was rejuvenating to the creative soul.

We spent time searching the beach for shells and other treasures. I found an old shell that I thought would be great for making an impression in precious metal clay. Here is the silver beach nugget necklace that I created using the shell. It's hard to capture the intricate design on camera that the shell left in the silver. I plan on making more of the nuggets and listing them on etsy after the holidays. This one is for me & I can't seem to part with it!

I hope to create more jewelry from the shells that I found on the beach.

We also spent time lost in antique stores, searching for that old book or paper that would be great as part of a collage. I found an old 5th grade reader textbook from 1872. I love the old print and typeface. I can't wait to use it in a collage and then bring it to life in a piece of jewelry.
The other book I found that is really amazing is a Saddler's railroad time book that was used by a man named M.J. Barkley to record his time, miles and amount of money earned. It's dated 1946. I already used several pages of it in my artist journal.
Well, it's off to yoga then Christmas shopping. Have a great day! Thanks for reading! Stacie

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