Friday, July 1, 2011

Artist of the Month - Niki Jackson

Niki and Ellie

Niki Jackson has a style all her own. Her paintings are both soft and comforting. I really enjoy her use of soft pastel colors and her gentle kind style.
Winter Sunset

Niki has a way of capturing feelings and emotions that is truly unique. Niki lives in Suffolk, United Kingdom with her husband Mark and her dalmatian Ellie. Suffolk is about a 2 hour drive from London, located in East Anglia with is on the east side of England. Niki was born in Essex and moved to Suffolk when she was 9 years old. She loves it in the country which is where her heart is.

Niki loves to sketch out ideas of paintings but sometimes just gets an image in her mind of what she should paint next and goes straight to her desk to paint it out. She recently started a great new project on Flikr called The Journal Project. She started this project to encourage other artists to make drawing a regular part of their life. Niki herself struggles with fitting drawing in to her day to day life. The Journal project has helped her to draw more and hopes that it is inspiring other artists too. Take a look at the site and see if you'd like to join us for a bit more creative time. I joined a few weeks ago and have enjoyed taking more time to draw.

When I asked Niki what her favorite part of creating her paintings and mixed media pieces was, she said;

"I love bringing things from my imagination to life in a painting or drawing. It's fun to take everyday things and paint my impression of them using my whimsical style, I just love that. I think the thing that brings me the most joy is painting something special for someone and knowing that it means so much. Being a part of that is wonderful."
My Friend

My Sweet Heart

Niki mainly uses acrylics to paint and either adds in pencil or charcoal pencil, glitter or collage papers. Over time she has developed a colour palette that really defines what she loves; vintage shades which are fairly soft and inspired by the country and vintage lifestyle.

Sweet Blessings

Love is in the Air
Niki's artwork is inspired by nature and the joy that she feels when she hears the birds singing and the sun shining. When I asked her how ideas come to her, she said;

"People always ask me how I come up with my ideas and really it's a case of God speaking to me through everyday life and experiences, things I enjoy etc and I take that and paint it!"
Poppies by the Sea
When I asked Niki what her least favorite part of her work was, she said;
"Blank canvas syndrome is the only one I can think of for the creative part and definitely the marketing and business side of it all. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with it all, some days enjoying the change of pace and others just wanting to spend the whole day painting or drawing. I also wish I could 'see' people, it gets hard sometimes not being able to connect face to face with my online customers."

Niki also is an amazing photographer. Niki started exploring photography a few years ago. 

"I am so inspired by the sky and the different sunsets every evening, so I created a series based on those and also other things in nature that really inspire me. I dip in and out of photography and I expect I will always be like that, it's fun to take the camera out and really look at nature closely. I offer prints of my photography in my shop also."


I asked Niki where she sees her work going in the future.

"I think I will continue to explore my love of vintage and the country, I don't think I could ever run out of ideas. I hope that I can offer more online classes in the future. I loved creating Mixed Media Basics, sharing all that I'd learnt was fun and very insightful. I love to encourage and support others. I leave the rest up to God to direct me :)"

Niki just moved her artwork from her Etsy shop to a more community style store where she can offer all of her creations in one place. If you'd like to purchase a piece of Niki's artwork or just get to know her better, stop by her new website: The Vintage Artist

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Niki and her artwork. Thanks so much for joining me for the Artist of the Month post.

I will be taking a little blogging break, returning the week of July 11th. See you then!

"Friends are a smile from God." by Madi


Niki Jackson said...

Thank you so much Stacie for featuring me and my work. Many Blessings to you. Niki xxx

Cheryl Arkison said...

Awesome! She has a great appreciation for light that comes through.

Monica said...

Love love love!! Lovely to read more about you Niki!

Allison said...

The work is beautiful. I love the color combinations... the giraffes, Love is in the Air, is wonderful!
Thanks for sharing this artist.