Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Artist of the Month - Madi Spencer

This month's artist is my 10 year old daughter Madi.  Madi loves to create, sing, dance and act.  Today we are going to view some of her artwork and talk about her creative process.  I interviewed Madi last week on take your child to work day.

When  I asked Madi how she knew that she was interested in art, here is what she had to say:

"First I only used to draw stick figures. Then my school counselor said not to draw stick figures, but try to draw to more detailed figures. So, I thought “This is fun.”  Of course, the other person who got me interested in art is my Mom."

Madi began her creating her beautiful and colorful artwork when she was just about 2 years old.  She and I would spend hours together in my jewelry studio.  She loved to paint with watercolors and would sit for a whole afternoon just painting.  As she grew, I introduced her to different techniques and art supplies.  Above is a Zentangle that she created over an alcohol ink painting.

I asked Madi how she comes up with her designs.

"I honestly don’t think about them too hard. I just draw what I want to draw.  For colors, I pick what I like and they usually go together.  For example, I like blue, orange and yellow."

These are Madi's favorite art supplies:  sparkle spray, alcohol inks, Copic markers and Pitt markers.  Madi has joined me in a few lessons from different on line art classes.  Here is a piece that she did for Life Book:

Over the years Madi has participated in many different charity events, selling her wonderful artwork and donating the money to charitable organizations such as Lily's Hope.  I'm so proud of her in so many ways.  I'm proud that she is so dedicated, creative and generous.  I have to say she is the most inspirational person for me personally regarding my own artwork.  She always has something positive and motivational to offer.

Speaking of motivational, some of you may remember Madi's famous quotes.  I asked her how she comes up with such amazing and interesting quotes.

"Well, I take the happy moments in my life and in other people's lives and put them into quotes. Then I think, why is it a happy moment? What is happy about it? And I put it into quotes.  Sometimes I just lie down in the grass and look at the sky, feel the breeze and think of quotes that way."

For those of you who may have missed Madi's quotes in previous posts, here they are again.

So, what does the future hold for this talented girl?  

"I’ve always wanted to be a quadruple threat:  actress, singer, dancer and acrobat.  I plan to try to get famous by practicing all of these talents anywhere I can.  Right now I am taking 5 different dance classes and would like to audition for the FX dance company which is part of my dance studio.  I would like to audition for a commercial when I am older, maybe in 10th or 11th grade.  I don’t want to get famous when I’m young, because that’s just a pain in the butt."
"If I didn’t want to be a movie star or a pop star, I’d totally want to be an artist.  My Mom said when I was little, I had so much creativity in me, that I didn’t know how to express it."

 I asked Madi what advice she would give someone who is interested in art, but afraid to try to learn new things.  

"My teacher for dance says, if you try to do a stunt and you are afraid, you will fall.  If you are out there and want to create art but are afraid, just create a piece of art. No one is going to see it, if you want you can even put it in the trash.   Don’t let your worries get the best of you."

 I hope you enjoyed getting to know Madi and her artwork a little better today.  Thanks so much for joining me for the artist of the month post!

"Sometimes we get so caught up in our art, we forget to enjoy the journey." by Madi


Renee said...

All I can say is Madi...YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! This was fun to read and yes, sister you should be proud for raising such a creative, spirited and very talented girl.

stacie said...

Thanks Sis:) Guess it runs in the family!

madi said...

thanks so much! i love it! you r truly the best mom!

Allison said...

Wow! What an AWESOME post! It's wondrous watching Madi grow and seeing all of those quotes and artwork is inspiring...

I love "pampering the page with art supplies" and "knitting a scarf is knitting a warm hug for someone".

I know whatever she decides to do, she will put forth so much passion and ambition... she is destined to fully succeed!

Makes me smile watching your relationship as mom and daughter so close and rewarding..~

stacie said...

Thx Madi, you make it easy :)

Thank you Allison for such kind words about Madi :)

Laurie Jess said...

Madi is very wise for her age!
and great artwork too!

stacie said...

Yes, Laurie see is a wise one! Thanks for stopping by.