Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Artist of the Week - Louise Gale

Inspiration Tree

This week's Artist of the Week is Louise Gale. Louise's artwork is filled with color and inspirational messages.  I was immediately drawn toward the nature theme and positives messages that are part of Louise's work.  
Delight the World

When I began my research about Louise and her life in art I found that her "Story of Me" on her blog profile really gave me a feeling of where Louise and her art originated from, so I decided rather that try to rewrite her story, I would borrow it from her blog.

The story of me
Louise grew up in South London, England with her mum, dad and younger brother, being encouraged to be creative everyday. As a child Louise would draw, paint and create patterns with her beloved spirograph after school and make all kinds of decorations for Christmas, Easter and Birthdays. In the summer Louise, her brother and cousins would build and decorate teepee tents so they could camp out during the school holidays and play in the dressing up box. Louise got accepted to art school at 16, studying drawing, photography, sculpture and design, then spent two years in the “potteries” in Stoke on Trent, England learning ceramic design and surface pattern.

Deciding to join the corporate world and keep art as a hobby, Louise continued to add a spark of creativity in everything she did. Finally deciding to emigrate to Australia after living and traveling there for a year, fate instead brought her to over to the USA in 2004. It was here, Louise then found the courage to realize and reconnect her to her true calling and after 5 years took the plunge to follow that dream and become a full time artist.

Louise now lives in a leafy street in Hoboken, New Jersey, close to Manhattan, where she paints, writes and enjoys all that life can offer. 
Louise is primarily a mixed media artist, creating using collage, acrylic, paper and all sorts of thing that she can find.  Recently, she has been working more with acrylic and loving it.  If you'd like to see more of Louise's art, visit her Etsy shop, Louise Gale Dream, Inspire, Create.
I Carry Your Heart
When I asked Louise what her favorite part of creating is, she replied; "I love that when creativity flows, it gushes out. I usually create multiple pieces at once, so work on one for a little bit then switch to another. I tend to spend a whole day creating and then maybe doing other things for the rest of the week (like working on my online business, blog writing etc) My recent work (tranquility tree, mystical garden, lotus bloom) all came out of spending time meditating and going to yoga, so amazed and excited by the results. I love how creating is so intuitive."

In the past Louise has worked primarily creating small artworks, but is currently experimenting with Painting with more passion on larger canvas and loves it.  She just moved into a new home with an art studio with lots of space, so that should make creating larger a dream come true.
Not only is Louise an artist, she is launching a new ecourse this January called "Big Dreams. Small Wonders".  It's a 4 week program to help other artists and creative souls to identify their dreams and goals and create roadmaps for the year ahead.  She uses the tools that she has included in the class to move her own creative business forward so she is excited to share her ideas with others.  Registration is open, if you are interested click on the link above to find out how to register.
Mystic Garden

I hope you have enjoying a glimpse into the creative life and artwork of Louise today.  If you'd like to find out more about her, take a peek at her blog Louise Gale Dream-Inspire-Create.  Thank you so much for joining me today. See you Friday. Stacie


Anonymous said...

As always, another lovely interview! Thanks so much for taking the time to introduce is to these fabulous artists!!

stacie said...

Beki, thanks for your kind words!

Allison said...

I just love these pieces. I'm headed over to Louise's blog now... I have always been drawn to trees and leaves. Inspiring and beautiful!
thanks Stacie for sharing!

stacie said...

Thanks Allison! I think my favorite is the Mystic Garden. Love the tree also and the blues and greens.