Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Artist of the Week - Sondra Borrie

Sondra creates her amazing artwork she has entitled "Mark Making" using many different techniques. She uses painting, dyeing, silk screening, batiking, printing, use of notans, and digital manipulation.  Sondra views making marks as any process where we use our eyes, hands, media and creative energy. To find more of her work, check out her Etsy shop at Modernmarks.

Archival print of original india ink drawing - Recs Emplode

Archival Digital Print of Original Silk Screen 5 - Fushia, Purple

Archival Abstract Print - Colorful Angles
All of Sondra's pieces are original designs.  Her frame of reference is modern, retro 50's and minimalism.  Sondra has been doing some type of "making" her entire life and has always been interested in modern art.  Her aunt, Margaret Milliken was an abstract expressionist in the 60's and was a very special person to Sondra.  She has a post about her amazing aunt on her blog, Modern Marks.
Margaret Milliken
Sondra is also a business owner of Contemporary Cloth Inc. which is an online fabric business that she opened in 2001. About 15 years ago she started taking workshops at QSDS and the Nancy Crow Barn.  Jane Dunnewold, a fiber artist of Art Cloth Studios is her most favorite instructor.  Sondra credits Jane Dunnewold for opening her eyes to the world of surface design.

When I asked Sondra what types of artwork she would like to work with in the future, she replied;

"Wow, this is a tough one to answer because my main problem right now is finding time to do mark making and also focusing on specific areas.  I am interested in creating in too many areas and running a business.  But, I am definitely working on focusing on specific areas.  One huge help will be having a better space to work , it is being remodeled right now.  I am very excited about it!

I have many designs and thermofaxes/silk screened designs that I have not printed yet.  At this point, my main interests are mixed media collage, deconstructed silk screening, digital manipulation of my photos, mono prints and gelatin plate prints - on fabric and paper.  I started the blog, mark making 365 to help me reach my goals."

Digitally manipulated

I am sure we can all relate to Sondra's too much to create and not enough time problem! If only we had those three extra hours a day...

Thank you all for joining me for the Artist of the Week post. I will see you on Friday! Stacie


Sondra said...

Dear Stacie,
Thanks so much for the interview. You are so special to do this. I am excited now to follow your wonderful blog.
Thanks again,

stacie said...

Your welcome Sondra & thank you! Welcome.

Allison said...

Cloth is one area in which I'd love to explore more. I think Sondra's work is very unique and beautiful and she and her aunt, both, sounds very inspirational.
Thanks for sharing her with us.

I love getting to know all these different artists on your blog.

stacie said...

Thanks Allison. I'm glad you are enjoying the posts. I really enjoy researching and writing them each week.