Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An Expert at 100!

I just had a birthday, my 49th. It was a perfect day. The weather was amazing and I got to spend my day with 3 of my favorite friends. I had a wonderful celebration with my family the night before and just couldn't have wished for anything else.

My son got me a Border's gift card, so yesterday I borrowed him from school and we went to lunch and the bookstore.  I found these fun little drawing books and just had to buy them with my gift card!
The first one has great ideas about drawing simple cute people.

I thought, I'm already 49 and I'm really just getting started on this whole drawing thing. Then I thought, hey by the time I'm 100, I'll have over 50 years drawing experience! I immediately felt much better.

Here are a few of my fun drawings from the first book about cute people:

 And for the boys...

I had a blast drawing these cute little people. Can't wait to start on the plants and small creatures book!


Allison said...

CUTE... can't wait to try it too!
Had a great night tonight. It was fun! Thank you for coming...

stacie said...

Thanks! Had fun tonight at your class. You did a great job.

Kristen ( said...

This is great! Happy birthday!!!!!!!!! You know it's a funny thing about continuing to learn things after a "certain age" hahaha :) The other day I went out surfing with a friend and thought back to when I was 30 and I thought I was way too old to learn how to surf. I can't even imagine how many amazing days I would have robbed myself of if I hadn't gotten over being 30 and a complete beginner surfer. And now I look back and think that 30 is young! hahahaha :) Oy yoy yoy! :) I think when I am 60 I will have started to get the hang of it :)

Happy birthday and thanks for your great wedding advice! What a great reminder to stop and look around :)


stacie said...

Kristen, so great that you started surfing at 30! A 60 year old surfer seems like a great idea.