Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

"Bob" Madi's tree she planted for Earth Day
Welcome to Earth Day! My daughter Madi planted a tree for Earth Day and promptly named Bob. So, welcome Bob!
Last weekend I attended a Recycle Reuse Earth Day Exhibit at The Muse. It was a crazy weather day, with high winds and thunderstorms. I actually read in the paper this week that three tornadoes did touch down that evening in New Market. But, I couldn't miss it! Here are some of the exhibits that were displayed that evening:
"Truth" by Courtney Prahl  
Courtney created this amazing sculpture using roots, vintage pieces, and found objects. Courtney is a mixed media artist with a great shop on Etsy.
"Buttons & Chains bracelet" by Stacie Spencer
I used vintage jewelry from three different necklaces and old buttons. Read more about this piece in my Earth Day Art Challenge post.

"When Pigs Fly" by Heidi Rosencrantz
Heidi used a music box, dishware, toy figurine, vase and paper mache to create her fun sculpture.
"Bench & Chair" by John Cummings
John is a homeless man that lives in Frederick. He used clothespins to create these intricate wooden designs.
"The Dancer" by John Holly
John created his dancer using a coat hanger, aluminum and fabric scrap.

"Hope" by Laurel Manthey Silvio
Laurel used wood, scrap metal, photos, chicken wire, jar, sticks and newspaper to create her beautiful artwork.
"We all live downstream" by Hillary Banachowski
Hillary used wood, glass, metal flashing, sheet rock, and acrylic paint to create her water themed artwork.
"Earth Goddess" by Karen Peacock
Karen Peacock created her sculpture using Costco bathing suit display torsos, discarded materials, and leftover paint.
"Pink Lady" by Ellen Byrne
This is one of my favorites, I think the Pink Lady is beautiful and serene. Ellen used an old frame and canvas, "opps" paints which are colors from rejected house paint.

If you live in the area, you still have time to visit the exhibit at The Muse. The Earth Day exhibit will run through April 30th.  I have to say, I'm really happy that I braved the weather! Hope you have a wonderful Earth Day! I'd love to know what you did today to celebrate Earth Day. If you get a chance, leave me a comment and let me know.


Allison said...

hmmm. just wrote a long comment and it erred. Trying again...
I love all the pieces. Looks like a lot of time, effort and and heart went into each project!
I am sorry I missed it, but I will visit the store to check out the artwork in person this week!
Hope BOB is doing well!

stacie said...

sorry your comment got lost in the crazy land of lost comments! thanks for writing again. you should definitely stop down to the muse and check out the exhibit, you'd love it. excited to work together tomorrow!