Friday, September 23, 2011

Fair Week

This week is Fair week in Frederick County, Maryland. If you live in the area, you know what a big deal fair week is here. The kids even get a day off from school just to go to the fair. 
Earlier this week I had the opportunity to spend the day with my daughter and her 3 lovely friends chaperoning a field trip to the fair. We spent the day looking at the animals and working on a scavenger hunt that the fair puts together to teach the kids a little bit about agriculture and animals. We visited the textile tent, and it differently got me in the knitting mood.  I pulled out the yarn last night after a long summer break.

We had the chance to watch a Mommy Cow lick her new calf clean just minutes after being born.

The girls loved seeing all the baby animals, like these adorable fuzzy chicks

Today was the day to go back to the fair and ride the carnival rides. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate. We had about an hour of riding time in the drizzling rain, the it poured. We hid out in a wonderful Just Desserts tent and ate hot apple dumpling which seemed to help improve our moods. Oh well, there's always next year.

As far as jewelry news, I just finished up a new group of jewelry to take to The Muse in Frederick. I will take a few photos of the pieces to share with you before I drop them off next week.

"Rainy days can be made into sunny days if you give them a chance." by Madi

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