Friday, September 30, 2011

Silly 1 Redux

Silly 1 Redux Registration Info
So excited to be back in Carla Sonheim's Art of Silliness Class! My daughter Madi and I have so much fun with this class. Silly 1 Redux just started this week, so there's still time to join if you'd like to have a little fun.

Here's a look at the type of silly work we've been up to so far:

On the last Cat one, I made a comment on the Flickr stream that I didn't know why my Cats looked so mad when they had such nice shoes on.  Well, the Cat people let me know that apparently Cat's don't like shoes. How was I to know? I'm a dog person. How funny that they actually look mad in the drawings!

"Art is magic to me." by Madi

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madi said...

love art of sillness!