Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Artisans of the Month

Jane Pettit

Jane Pettit

This month I am featuring many different talented artists. I found all of these amazing artists under one roof at the Artomatic art show in Frederick, Maryland. Artomatic is a 6 week event featuring the creative works of over 300 local artists. It is a wonderful experience wondering through the over 70 different rooms of art.

"What is Artomatic@Frederick?
Artomatic@Frederick is an independently organized and licensed Artomatic® event headed by volunteers. The program is designed to create community, generate an audience for the arts and expand economic development. All this is done by transforming available space into an unjuried venue featuring the creative works of hundreds of local artists in an annual 5 week event. This diverse venue  includes the visual arts, theater, music, and poetry."

There were so many incredible pieces of artwork that I was going a bit camera crazy. I would like to share with you some of my favorites. I have included links to the artist's websites where they were available.

Hands of Hope by Kids Like Us

 I really loved the Hands of Hope artwork created by the Kids Like Us organization. It's a wonderful organization that helps students that are directly impacted by substance abuse in their family.

"Kids Like Us is a substance abuse prevention program offered through the Frederick County Health Department Substance Abuse Division Prevention Services for youth ages 8 and up.
Kids Like Us is funded by the Frederick County Board of County Commissioners Alchohol and Drug Abuse Administration."

Statement: "Hands of Hope features our hands traced in fabric and glued to the mural. The hands are “pockets” holding dreams, hopes and wishes. Some of the pockets are open and viewers may respectfully read our wishes and return them. Viewers may also wish to add their wishes, dreams and hopes along with ours."

Jane Pettit
Linda Agar-Hendrix
Linda Agar-Hendrix
Rose DiGregorio Dye 

Tom's Tinker Toys Tom Noll

This group of clothing was particularly interesting. Check out the Deer Spine Dress.

The handmade journals below was one of my favorite exhibits. They are all so amazing, detailed and just beautiful! If you'd like to find out more about Bette and her work take a look at her blog called Art Pages Etc..

If anyone is local and would like to visit Artomatic, this is the last week. 

Sept. 28th – Nov. 6th, 2011


Wednesdays & Thursdays
11 am - 9 pm
Fridays & Saturdays

11 am - 12 am


12 pm - 6 pm 

I hope you have the chance to stop by. I am going to go one more time this week. My son and I are going to make an afternoon of it tomorrow.


Christine said...

Bette Brody is a friend of mine! I was so excited to see you feature her handmade books!!! She is sooooo incredibly talented - her books are amazing!!!!

Hugs, Christine

stacie said...

Hi Christine, What a small world! She really does beautiful work.

madi said...

very cool! love it! why didn't you put any of the other cool photos?

stacie said...

I ran out of time Madi! I think I might have to do an Artomatic 2 post tomorrow with a few more photos.

Allison said...

OOOOHHHH Handmade Journals... I can sense a new holiday project coming on...

stacie said...

Allison, wouldn't that be fun!