Thursday, April 5, 2012

Finally a day of art!

I finally had a day to spend in my studio playing! I did week 6 of Life Book with Tamara Laporte. This lesson was called "paint over collage". I did a similar lesson with Tam last year in 21 Secrets. I really enjoyed the whole process. Here is my before collage:
And the after...
It was a great project, using paints, paint pens, watercolor pencils and other fun art supplies. I used some of Madi's quotes around the circle. This weeks lesson was all about honoring our achievements however big or small.

I also had the chance to work on my handwritten note for the Note Swap through the Art House Co-op.

 It's a note swap with other artists around the world. Here's the info:
Trade handwritten notes across the globe
The Note Swap is a worldwide exchange of handwritten letters, contributed by a thousand creative people just like you. Join our community to swap surprises in the mail and take part in an experiment designed to make a stranger's day. Scribble down a love note, a short story, a recipe, a memory, a joke or a secret — your letter could take any form. Simply mail your note to us along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. We'll make the swap and send you another participant's letter in return. Waiting for the mail can be the best part of your day...

The Note Sway is open until April 30th so you still have time to join. Hope you had a creative day!

"Art is the best medicine." by Madi


Allison said...

I need some of that medicine right away. One thing I am committing to... Once I am settled in, I will make time to run away in art and keep my online blog alive and well.

Start date: June 10th...

In the meanwhile, I may just join in the note swap... hmmmm.

stacie said...

You should join the note swap! It'll be fun to get something in the mail :)