Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Finished Life Book Calendar

Here's my finished calendar for Life Book. I have to say I learned a lot doing this exercise. Even though I feel like I'm always happy, I feel like there were a lot of days when I was feeling cranky. Made me think to try to change my attitude. I also really enjoyed using my new watercolor paint pens and Copic markers :)

"The most simple things can be magic." by Madi


Anonymous said...

If this comment appears twice, please disregard one. I tried posting just now and it disappeared...

I really love this page. It is so colorful and playful. I was really sad "that" day too. And I am so thankful for all your help before and after the move! I really miss you!

stacie said...

miss u too! i loved doing this calendar, it was really eye opening and fun.