Monday, June 18, 2012

mommy camp day 1

This week my daughter is attending a dance theater camp. So, I decided to have a Mommy camp week. I cleaned my jewelry studio, set out all of my favorite supplies and jumped back into Life Book.
The lesson that I am working on is called "Overcoming the Inner Critic" with Wyanne. Our first job was to sketch a simple tree with pencil, then lightly erase it so that just a hint of the drawing remained.  The next step was to paint with water over the tree and using acrylic paints, paint over the water. The next step was very interesting...after letting the tree dry for a few minutes (you don't want the painting completely dry it should be wet in spots) you spray the painting with a water bottle.  Here is the result:
I love how the water created such cool patterns in the paints. 

For the next step I cut leaf shapes from coffee filters (coffee again, see why I love this class!).  Using clear water I painted the background of the page around the top of the tree.  While the page is still wet, I laid down the leaves.  Using water color paints, I painted the coffee filter shaped leaves.  

 This painting was my second attempt at the lesson.  The first time I tried spraying the painting with water I used a bottle that was filled with alcohol ink! Opps! I did like how my opps turned out, so I am continuing to work on it.
I watched the remaining videos for this lesson last week while I was working on jewelry and did see that we do something really cool with the background and coffee!  So I did want to redo my opps so I can continue the lesson.
I am also working on my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project 2013, so I did a similar page in that journal.

The final step for today was to paint the bottom of the page with water.  While wet, paint with watercolor paints and then cover with coffee filters. 
Now it's time to let everything dry and pick up my daughter from camp. I hope you'll join me for day 2 of Mommy Camp tomorrow!

"Dreaming is a vacation in your home." by Madi


Chrissy Gemmill Jewels said...

Mommy Camp, what a great idea! Sounds like you had a fun day in your studio which by the way is beautiful!

stacie said...

Thanks Chrissy. My studio doesn't always look so nice & clean! Great to spend some time just playing with art.