Tuesday, June 19, 2012

mommy camp day 2

Today at Mommy camp I worked on portrait drawing with Tamera Laporte's Fabulous Faces class. I won this class at the beginning of the year when I won the Life Book class, but haven't had a chance to even start it until today. I really enjoying the first week's lesson and feel proud about how my first fabulous face turned out.

Next, I was back to my tree from Wyanne's lesson on Life Book. First I removed the coffee filters and found that I got different results from each of the three paintings. 

This painting that I did as a redo after spraying my first piece with alcohol ink turned out the best. I like how the watercolors turned out after removing the coffee filters.
I love the soft variations of color on the leaves and grass.  The opps painting came out OK, but the colors weren't as strong.
 The page in my sketchbook didn't work at all. I used gesso on the pages because the paper is so thin, so the watercolor did not take.  I decided to use gel medium and collage the painted leaves on. I think this method turned out really interesting as well.

 The next step for this project was to mask the leaves off using a liquid masking fluid. Well, this didn't work too well for me...the liquid masking took off the watercolor paint! It still looks pretty cool though, but a different look that I was thinking of.  We were supposed to paint the background with coffee...that didn't work for me either!! The coffee hardly produced any color, so I used watered down watercolors and am happy with the result.

All in all, I'd say Mommy camp day 2 was a success! For day 3, I'm going to visit my sister in law who just had surgery. I am making her a beef roast with veggies for dinner and bringing her a bunch of magazines. They have a pool, so we are planning on relaxing by the pool and catching up. Sounds like a good day 3! See you back on day 4 for more artwork.

"Do good things, have more luck." by Madi


Anonymous said...

I like the way it looks after the mask... it's an interesting texture. I am adding it to my shopping list.
Hope you have a relaxing day. Send my get well wishes to your sis in law!

stacie said...

I like the masking results too even though it shouldn't pull of the paint. Sometimes it's the mistakes that look the best :)