Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Fun Craft Day!

Yesterday we had another fun craft day with the girls.  My friend Kathy hosted and graciously served us with mimosas and yummy foods.  She also made each of us these beautiful Halloween centerpieces.
I spent the day making textured circle bracelets and peace sign jewelry.  I changed the style of the new peace jewelry by using beads that have warm fall colors. 

This morning I was planning on finishing up the silver clay that I started on Monday...but I ended up sewing plastic spiders and arranging black spider webs to my daughter's Halloween costume!  She is going to be a Zombie Bride.  Of course it took me way longer than expected, but I'm done and ready to drive to the school and help her get dressed for the parade and party. 

I hope to find time this weekend to finish my silver and get my studio together. It looks a bit haunted now with silver clay, tools, spiders & black web everywhere!  Have a Happy Halloween.  See you Monday.  Stacie


Leaves and Feathers said...

How fun to have a girls craft day, sounds perfect. Have a wonderful Halloween with your family!

stacie said...

Thanks Faith! Hope you guys had a great Halloween too!