Friday, October 15, 2010

Working and Walking

Today was a beautiful fall day.  Finally a day where the temperature was cool, the wind was blowing and the sun was shining.  I spent the morning and early afternoon working in my studio polishing and getting all my silver pieces ready for creating.  I don't have any new photos of my work yet, everything is still in process. 

I did take some photos from my walk this afternoon. I somehow talked my teenage son into joining me and my dog on the walk.  It was great to spend some quality time with him. I'm very lucky to have two wonderful kids.
Small Lake
Ryan and Scooby Doo

I am also lucky to be able to live and walk in the beautiful area of Lake Linganore, Maryland.  We have a wonderful walking path that I walk several times a week with my dog Scooby Doo.  The path goes around a lake and is covered in trees.  This time of year is particularly gorgeous with the trees turning colors.
Big Lake with the walking path
View from the walking path

The path leads all the way to a beach area where you can go to read, canoe, play in the water or just hang out.  I have always loved the way all the boats look lined up and ready for their owners to pick them up and take them out to the lake.
Canoes by the beach
By the beach

So tomorrow it's off to the studio again to work on the pieces that I prepared today.  I will have some finished pieces for you to see on Monday's post.  Have a wonderful weekend!  Stacie


Renze said...

Oh now, I want to come walking with you and doo!

stacie said...


tammy novak said...

gorgeous photos of the lake - I love the ones with the canoes!

stacie said...

Thank you. I have walked past those canoes for the past 6 years and have always wanted to take a photo of them! Better late than never.