Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Jewelry Show

Our Girls day on Saturday was great!  We ended up buying new bedding for my daughter's room in the morning.  Spent Sunday morning redoing here's the new more grown up room.

I love how it turned out!  More importantly, my daughter Madi loves it too. She did great with the ear piercing, but Mom had to sit down. I was fine with my ear piercing, it was watching Madi get her ears pierced that almost made me faint! Madi had to get me a coke so I could continue on with our day! Lol.
Madi with her ears pierced in her new room.

So, on to jewelry. I am only doing one jewelry show this fall and it's next week at my sister's house.  So, for any of you in the area that would like to come, it will be Thursday, October 21st at 7:00 pm.  She lives in Annapolis Maryland, if you'd like to come just email me for more details. 

I will be closing my Etsy shop from Thursday, October 21st and reopening on Friday, October 22nd.  So if there is anything special that you have had your eye on, you may want to buy it before then or it may be gone after the show! 

Off to make a new batch of silver today!  Have a wonderful day & I'll be back on Wednesday for the Artist of the Week post.  Stacie


Allison said...

Very nice! Madi looks so cute~ Love the big girl-ness! Can't wait to see it I'm person :)

stacie said...

Thanks! And thanks again for the artwork that started the design process.