Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Artist of the Week - Beki Lambert

Beki Lambert creates gorgeous handmade handbags and tote bags that come to life with color.  She has a great style and an attention to detail that results in an original work of art.  She works with both vintage and new materials. Beki said she finds her vintage materials at her local thrift stores, on Etsy or from friends and family.
Dottie Vintage Bitty Bag No. 1
This bag is made from a combination of vintage and new materials.  The exterior of the bag is made from a vintage bed linen with a new cotton dotted print lining.  She made the dotted flower brooch detachable so you can use it on the bag or on something else.  Anyone who knows me, knows why I choose this bag to be the first photo to show off Beki's work...I love daisys!

When I asked Beki where here inspiration comes from she said, "My inspiration comes from everywhere.  Once you open your eyes to all the little details around you, it's amazing what you see.  When making bags, sometimes the fabric itself inspires me, other times I come up with things purely out of function."

Dotted Pleated Tote
This pleated tote bag incorporates a colorful dotted fabric on the outside with a golden green textured print on the inside.
Inside peek of the Dotted Pleated Tote
Keri lives in Louisiana with her husband and three children. She has been sewing off and on since childhood, but really started sewing 9 years ago when she became a Mom.  You may have seen her work in books or magazines.  Her work has been published in quite a few publications; for a full list visit her blog artsy-crafty babe.

Not only does Keri create amazing bags, she creates and sells her original sewing patterns as well.  That kind of fascinates me, I can't imagine creating a pattern that really works!  I have used a brown paper bag to create a purse once, but that's about it.  Her patterns and her beautiful bags are for sale at her Etsy shop, artsy-crafty babe. It's great too, because her patterns are available PDF, so you can get instant instructions!

Erica bag pattern
To find our more about Beki and enjoy more of her bags, visit her blog arty-crafty babe. Thanks so much for joining me for the Artist of the Week post!  See you Friday!  Stacie


Cait said...

These are gorgeous! Thanks so much for featuring.

stacie said...

Thanks for stopping by Cait. I am really enjoying writing these posts. It's so motivating to learn about all the amazing artists!

Leaves and Feathers said...

Wow, her bags are really cute and look very well made. So great to find out about other artist mamas!!

stacie said...

They are beautiful aren't they?

Sarah S. said...

Stacie: I love these bags. Thx so much for sharing them.

stacie said...

Thanks for stopping by Sarah. I love them too!