Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Artist of The Week - Renee Zemanski

Renee Zemanski has a special creative talent of turning ordinary objects into unique works of Art for your home.  Renee loves the thrill of the hunt for old things that can be brought back to life in a new piece of her artwork.
Renee is not only a talented artist and writer, she is my sister!  We enjoy creating together and learning from each other.  A few weeks ago, she was in my studio and worked on this unique and rustic Believe Sign.  If you like the sign and would like to see more of her work visit her Etsy shop and you will find a collection of One of a Kind Art at Where The Grass is Greener.

Renee also enjoys creating Collage Art, like this beautiful Dream Mixed Media Mini Collage.
I love her use of color and different types of media.  Her work seems to bring to life not only found objects, but paper and words. Renee's excitement for her art comes across beautifully in her designs and sense of style.  If you'd like to find out more about her artwork and design process, take a look at her blog at
Where The Grass is Greener.

I love it when Renee calls from her cell phone on Saturday and Sunday mornings when she is out at the flea markets and tag's always exciting to hear what fun things she found on her hunt. Next it's fun to read her blog about what she has created out of her finds.  I'm sure you will enjoy her blog and Etsy shop as much as I do!  Have fun!

Thanks for reading!


Renze said...

wow, thanks Stacie! I actually forgot I was going to be your artist of the week. This made my day...I always knew I was your favorite sister!!

stacie said...

Glad you liked it!