Friday, September 24, 2010

Celebrating With Friends

I have to admit for 2 days this week I played!  Two of my very good friends, Allison and Kathy, share a birthday on September 22nd.  So on Tuesday four of us had a girls day.  We started our day at a yummy restaurant called Isabella's Taverna & Tapas Bar in Frederick, Maryland. They have a wonderful selection of Spanish Tapas that we all enjoyed. 

My friend Kathy is celebrating a special birthday this year, she just turned 50! So my friends and I decided to buy and make her 50 different gifts, wrap them up, put them in a basket and surprise her with them.  She was very happy and surprised.  I did a similar gift idea when my sister turned 50.  It's really fun because one of the rules is you can only open one gift per day, so it's 50 days of fun.  Here are a few photo's of my wrapping creations.  Kathy is an avid seamstress, so I decided to decorate her gifts with buttons.

After lunch we were off to the Mall for shopping. We really had a great day, I'm so lucky to have such good friends.  

On Wednesday it was my friend Allison's actual birthday, so we celebrated with breakfast at another yummy restaurant in Frederick called Cafe Nola.  They have amazing breakfast sandwiches and great coffee.  After breakfast we relaxed with a wonderful pedicure from Thomas Scott Salon and Spa.

So, the past few days I've been working like a nut trying to make up for my play days.  I was in my studio all day yesterday and today creating and pricing jewelry for the Waygoose.  I'll take photo's tomorrow of some of the pieces and post them on Monday. I'll also give you more information about the new Waygoose opening in Bethesda in Monday's post.

Here is a photo a Yin and Yang necklace that I made.  I love how it turned out.
Yin and Yang Necklace
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for stopping by.  Stacie


Dyan said...

Stacie it sounds like you guys had some serious fun! That never hurts right! I love the idea of the fifty presents to be opened one per day - very awesome and your button ties add a simple and earthy touch!

Allison said...

Love the YIN YANG! Turned out very nice!
And THANK YOU, THANK YOU again and again for a fabulous birthday! Spending time with my best friends... what else could any girl ask for?

stacie said...

Dyan, Thanks for you comment. We did have fun, wish we could play more often!

stacie said...

Allison, thanks, like how the yin yang turned out too! Wish we could do the lunch all over! Can't wait for craft day tomorrow.